Data Loss Prevention

Skelko is experienced with setting up full Data Loss Prevention Programs with the following goals in mind: Identify and categorize sensitive data, trace the route of data transmission, and prevent unauthorized access to data. DLP is an integral part of protecting your vital information.

We offer configuration and support of DLP Solutions in your Microsoft, Google, Or Amazon Cloud environments.

Endpoint Security and Monitoring

With our custom-tailored security information and event monitoring, in conjunction with host-based intrusion detection analytics, Skelko can proactively discover threats in your network and alert in real time. Additionally, Vulnerability Management, System Inventory, and Compliance Auditing capabilities are rolled into our solution. Contact us today to get a deeper understanding of your environment.

Malware and Endpoint Protection

With our vast knowledge and experience in advanced malware protection solutions, you can count on us to deliver an advanced, next-generation malware detection and prevention solution. Skelko also offers configuration and management of your current Malware/Antivirus solutions.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management is the most important piece of securing your infrastructure. From file management access to your critical systems, making sure your employees have just the right amount of access. Skelko offers solutions and configurations for your current environment, as well as auditing of current access management for your systems.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA)

Multi-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security during authorization, and drastically reduces the threat of phishing attacks and identity theft. MFA is now a requirement for PCI Compliance, as well as securing Federal Government systems. Contact Skelko today about easily implementing MFA into your existing identity solution without disruption to your employee’s day-to-day functions.




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