File and Data Management

Where is your most valuable information stored? Are you sure your data is recoverable in the event of a disaster? Make sure your most critical data is secure with encryption, access management, and backups for your files. Skelko offers secure and compliant On-Prem and Cloud file storage solutions, as well as management of your current infrastructure.

Hardware Infrastructure

Skelko offers endpoint deployment, inventory management, and hardware support in one solution making it easy to manage your environment. From PCs to printers, we offer supported hardware through our partners, as well as management of your current devices.

Cloud-centric Solutions

With a strong background in Cloud Computing and Platform/Software as a Service, Skelko is confident in bringing our clients forward into cloud managed environments. We offer solutions ranging from complete migration to hybrid solutions that compliment your current environments. Skelko also offers auditing and security configuration management of your already owned cloud instances.




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