Email and Collaboration

Skelko offers secure, collaborative managed email solutions to keep your staff engaged and in-the-know. Can you trust that your messages are being read only by the intended recipient? Turn to Skelko to help make sure your email messaging platform is secure and encrypted, end-to-end.

File Sharing

With so many file sharing solutions out there, it’s hard to know where your company’s data winds up. How can you be sure that your data is protected? Can you track where your files are going? Do you have compliance obligations, such as HIPAA, GDPR or the SHIELD Act? Skelko is experienced with these problems and we’re able to provide solutions today.

VoIP and Conference Systems

Are you still using a legacy PBX or lackluster telephone system? Skelko can provide your company with flexible, next-generation VoIP based telephony and conferencing solutions to help your business. Whether you’re looking for mobile access to your office phone system, updated desk phones, PA systems or conferencing solutions - Skelko can help.

Call Center Solutions

Have a customer facing call center that you’d like to move into the 21st century? Skelko offers cloud hosted solutions using Amazon Connect that will enable your business to make quick changes to your contact flow, easily scale for volume, and Save up to 80% over traditional contact center solutions.




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